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June 2020

As We All Wait, We Watch Mother Nature

Nest box drawing

From my studio window I have a direct view of this weathered nest box. For years it hung unused until spring of 2019, and now in 2020 it is the trending piece of real estate on our property. A family of Bewick’s wrens resided there in late March.Some weeks later activities resumed with a nest-building war between a returning wren, seen here in flight, and a stubborn mountain chickadee, seen here blocking the entry. The antics continued for two days when all fell quiet at the house. Shortly thereafter, two black-capped chickadees tried to enter! One of the chickadees and some nesting materials were ejected in a flurry. Then it was quiet again. Two weeks later, the Bewick’s wren emerged, returning with food. Last week, I spotted a very small wren on a cedar branch above the nest box. After several hovering, in-vain attempts to re-enter, the fledged baby finally took to the air and didn’t return, but the singing of the wrens continues every morning in surround sound from our lofty trees.

May, 2020