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November 2017

An Iconic Symbol: The Seattle Public Library Globe


Library globe logo

As a logo designer I expect my designs to come and go as the marketing world ebbs, flows, and changes. Therefore I am especially happy about the endurance of the Seattle Public Library globe (which I drew) that appears as part of the logo for this outstanding library system in my home town. The entire logo project was art directed by Seattle designer Bridget Culligan, founder of Golden Lasso, a Seattle design firm. While the drawing looks like it may have been jotted down on a napkin, it in fact took a lot of revising due to Bridget's renowned design scrutiny. As I recall, there were many faxes back and forth with my variations and tweaks. Yes, it was done back in the day of faxing, not emailing. It's an elderly logo now!

In 2015, the Library's name and branding were subject to a major review. Designers were asked to submit new names and new logo concepts. What happened? A lot of money was spent on the new development, but the familiar, popular logo survived and prevailed, as did the name of the library system. Thus, the globe-within-a-book lives on all around the city. 

(Please click here to read about the rebranding rejection)

The New Wonders: Lettering for a Unique Band


Over the years, I've done a lot of artwork for my daughter's bands. When the gifted trumpet and cornet player Mike Davis from her current band (Emily Asher's Garden Party) decided to lead a traditional jazz band of his own, the need for a "period style" logo came up. Mike Davis' The New Wonders, also located in New York Cityspecializes in playing American jazz from the 20's and 30's. Mike was asked to find some typography from the era that might be used as an inspiration for a hand lettered style. He located old Victrola ads that spoke to him and that served me well as a model to use. Some rather rustic, irregular wooden type was used for these magazine ads.

Using a Speedball nib with ink on rough paper, followed by some digital texturing, I created this lettering for The New Wonders' eponymous first CD release. The lettering echos the spacious Victrola logo at the bottom of the page. In traditional calligraphic studies, the model for my lettering is called Foundational. FYI, most book typography is based on what are called Roman letters (as opposed to Gothic or Italic, for example).

TNW final 300 dpi CD copy

I added the linear motif that was created with the same Speedball nib.