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Post It, and They Will Come: Internet Searches for Art Images

One never knows who will ultimately look at artwork that is sent out into cyberspace via websites. I know some artists who feel very protective of their work, keeping it by and large offline, out of reach of the prowler who might steal an image for use in a project. What are the chances that they would actually ask permission, that they would have the decency to do that before stealing it, altering it, taking advantage of it? I don't know the answer, but I do know that in the past twelve months, I've had at least three pieces of my artwork discovered on this web site that viewers have found and actually written to me regarding my copyright. They wanted to use the work. For one, an eyedropper illustration of a buffalo, I was paid promptly for its use on a hand painted teepee up in Manitoba, Canada. The second one, a horse image, was in the end not used but it was in the running for use in a logo. The third illustration, featured here, was used in trade for one of the products on which it was to be used plus a credit line. 

If you click on this link you will see my previous post the graphic designer landed upon in order to find the line illustration featured on the kraft board cassette tape box below. He, Matthew Miller, had already worked the drawing into his design when he wrote to me. Of course it was fine with me for him to use it. It was immediately obvious to me that Matthew is a fine designer. And after all, I had done it 21 years ago for a personal family Christmas card and it was one of 3 layers of artwork! See how handsomely this Marmara Records packaging turned out. Nice job, Matthew! I'm pleased that my line drawing has found another raison d'être:

An intriguing package for "Family Ark" included ephemera, and a cassette of the music of John Coyle.


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