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April 2013

Journal-like Page as a Wedding Memento

Wedding journal page sm
One of my recent commissions was a wedding memento artwork for the niece of my client. After being provided with plenty of information about the ceremony held on St. John in the U.S. Virgin Islands, I filled an 8"x10" page with handwritten texts and illustrations. This piece will be framed. Followers of my work will recognize the pair of seahorses, designed for my own niece's wedding. Paired seahorses were also a motif in this young woman's wedding. I used a tech drawing pen with India ink, and watercolor on 140 lb. cold press watercolor paper.

Before the Computer Took Over, We Inked by Hand

While searching through file folders last week, my eye landed on one that is 20 years old. I pulled it out and opened it. As always, seeing work I did long ago stirs up various emotions. In this case, I time-traveled to the days before we all had the Adobe Creative Suite on our computers; it was a time for most graphic artists (but not all) to use French curves, technical pens, and white-out to create crisp logos by hand. I looked at the original artwork for the logo below, and had to admire how steady my hand was, back in 1993! Also, I was pleased to realize that I still like my design. This logo was done for a designer/carpenter whose business name was Creative Interiors. Nowadays, this design would not be difficult to create in Illustrator, a design program utilizing vectors.