Inspired by Places of the Heart; Artful Maps Part II
A Lesson in Printmaking: My Christmas Card from 1992

Reflections from the Canyons of Utah

Some 40 years ago, I received a postcard from my husband's sister. Her travels had taken her to Zion and Bryce Canyon National Parks, and her awe of these places beamed through her words from that small bit of ephemera. Last week, finally, I went to Utah to visit the canyons with my husband and two friends. Grander and more overwhelming than the imagination can conjure up, the canyons are magnificent. Words barely begin to describe them. These 6"x9" tea-tinted sketches with notes record some of my experiences there. I offer up four of the seven pages I brought home. If you wish, please click on the images to see full-sized files to facilitate reading.

Zion Lodge
Beneath towering cliffs rests the rebuilt lodge at Zion National Park.

Lodge Fireplace
Morning musings before the fireplace at Bryce Canyon Lodge, located at the brim of the canyon at 8,000 feet.

Coffee Time
At the start of each day, Margaret made coffee for us as we discussed the prior day's events, and decided what hikes to take that day.

RimRock View-1
This day began as they all did: with majestic stone surroundings and cerulean blue skies. I reinforced my little paintbox with suitable colors before leaving home.

For my students and other nature journalists: I used Arches Text Wove for all but the fireplace page, which was Rives BFK (an experiment). The paper was immersion-dyed after being cut to size. The pen used was the Signo RT Gel .038, with W&N artist grade paint. I used a Pentel waterbrush which travels well.



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Molly Hashimoto

These are wonderful pages--the tea-tinted paper works great for the redrock!

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