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An Illustrated Map for A National Park Forest Walk

While teaching my Artful Map course at the North Cascades Institute in June, 2011, I was approached by Forest Ranger Cindy Bjorklund who asked if I would be interested in designing an illustrated map for a new trailhead sign featuring the renovated Happy Creek Forest Walk. This site is just 6 miles east of the NCI Learning Center on Highway 20. After visiting the site and submitting a bid for this project, I was offered the job. A passionate fan of this fully-accessible old-growth forest and creek walk, Cindy was my naturalist collaborator for the project.

Below you can see the map in its nearly-completed state. The set-up here was for adding the final texture to be applied to the overall piece. Consisting of a light spattering and sponging of burnt umber watercolor, the texture helped unify the elements and create a slightly antiqued look. Yes, it did make me nervous to start spraying and sponging over the detailed work! Most likely, the trailhead sign featuring this artwork will be unveiled at the beginning of 2012's hiking season when the North Cascades Highway opens in the spring.

MapBlogIndia ink, graphite and watercolor on smooth watercolor paper were used to illustrate the Forest Walk.


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Molly Hashimoto

Jocelyn, this map is gorgeous! I love the pileated woodpecker!!

Marilyn McGuire

This photo doesn't do it justice! I hope you post the finished project. It's beautiful!

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