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Easter Egg in an Egg Cup: A Card for the Family

Designing for family celebrations and special events is my favorite kind of designing to do. Easter has always been a favorite holiday, and frequently the family gathers at our home here in Shoreline, WA. This year, I was inspired to design an invitation that doubles as a greeting card (sent to a few friends). Click on images to enlarge them.

Here you see the original pen, ink and watercolor artwork. On the egg, I painted and lettered a top portion (blue) that I ended up rejecting in favor of inserting the text shown under the yellow cap of the egg, on the left. Once the egg image was scanned into PhotoShop, I pasted the new text on top of it, creating a revised "master egg." The solo decorative arch will become the top edge of an egg cup.

Easter Card gang-upblog

On the left is how the PhotoShop document appeared before I sent it to my printer to be printed on cardstock. The new egg tops are now in place!

Next are the egg cup parts: the arches were printed on vellum, then I positioned a tagboard template on the vellum to trace around the shape. I cut the vellum out, then cut out a cardstock cup form and stitched the two together to make a pocket (as seen on final image below).

   Eggcup blog

The finished card and envelope (vellum) are below. For family members I wrote a little brunch-related message on the base of the egg cup. For friends I wrote a simple greeting. Happy Easter!