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Creating a Map to Promote a Place & Time Apart

Circular map final [UPDATE, April 25: This class is full with a waiting list of one person.]

To help spread the word about the course I'll be teaching at the North Cascades Institute Learning Center (LC) from June 10 to 12, I spent about three hours making the above map of the area immediately surrounding the LC. I sent the map and information to my email target list, but wanted to include the map here on my website as well. Why? Because it is an example of a map that did not require advanced skills but is accurate and expressive, too. What it does incorporate are simple map elements: land and water indications, simple roads, basic icons (trees, boats), circle template spots to add graphic shapes, a traditional border, and basic printing for the words. All these will be taught in class. Prototypes for various kinds of maps will be offered. I'll have templates for practicing mapmaking skills.

This map became a journal when I wrote a few personal notes on it. These reflect some of my own favorite aspects of spending time at the Learning Center. The awe-inspiring dam, the intoxicating color of Diablo Lake, the path around the peninsula of land behind the lakeside dining hall, and the road down which we take walks at sunset all have special significance. One evening, we spotted deer and a cougar within a few hundred feet of each other, so I noted these. Were this a larger map (it's 5.25"), I would fill it with more journal notes.

Click here to go to the website for the North Cascade Institute. Click here for the description of the course and to find out about being added to the waiting list. Email me for updates!