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I love embracing a design project for a family member. And when the family member provides artwork for me to incorporate, all the better. Did you know that when a musician signs years' worth of CD liner notes, the signature can become streamlined, calligraphic, and then ornamented? My daughter is such a musician, a trombonist who needed a new, snazzy business card. It was her brilliant idea to use her CD signature combo. Here are the parts, then the whole:

Signature Emily's signature as it has evolved since she started signing checks, further made graceful by years of signing CD's~




Trombone4 The jazzy trombone ornament, complete with notes~



Brushstroke This stroke was done by me, selected by Emily to use as a design element along with her own~



A section of my stroke was assigned the color red in PhotoShop, then given a gradation~





I put everything together in PhotoShop, added a bit of gold to the bell of the trombone, and then ganged up the cards in InDesign. I chose to x-out all her information, but you may go to her website to find out more about her and even learn how to order one of those CD's!:


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Claire M

I really like the composite design that you worked out with your daughter. It was a treat to see all of the pieces and how you put it together. Great final image!!

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