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December 2010

The Bookmark as a New Year's Card for a Realtor


...and the realtor is my big sister!

Kath asked for help designing a card to send to her list and to give to colleagues. She has always liked my travel sketches, and she liked the suggestion of making a bookmark in place of a standard card. The travel sketch she selected for the bookmark card is one that is also incorporated on her Thornwall Realtors, Inc. website. Fittingly, Kath and I were traveling together when I did this sketch in Italy.

Design details: First, I suggested bleeding the sketch off the edges of the finished bookmark. While looking through my greeting card illustration archives, Kath selected some coordinating bright border images to use at the top and bottom of the piece. An appropriate message for me to write in my handwriting at the bottom came to her mind right off the bat. It's not hard to think warm wishes when looking at an image of a 210 year-old Tuscan farmhouse outside of Siena (sigh)...

I placed the flattened PhotoShop file 4-up, and then printed the sheets on my Lexmark laser printer on Fox River felt finish card stock. Crop marks allowed me to hand cut the bookmarks accurately. Another Two Sisters project is complete!