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October 2010

Designing for the Harvest Season: Canning Labels (and Salsa Verde)


They are pretty simple, these labels I designed and printed for the family canned goods. It sure was fun sitting at my desk by the window two crisp autumn days ago, looking out at my three chickens, and playing with my pens and inks. (click photo for a close-up view)

After doing the casual lettering and decorative motifs for each label design, I scanned and placed them into PhotoShop, then ganged them up in InDesign to make a full sheet. Each label is 2"x2", laser printed on Office Max's glossy removeable label stock.

Below you can see me husking the home grown tomatillos for the salsa verde after they were harvested by my daughter, Emily. My son Eli (he and his wife grow these tomatillos on their small farm) later fire-roasted the vegetables to make this favorite condiment.

DSCF6073 DSCF6074

Happy harvest season!


Ruth's Kitchen ~ Designing for the Delicious

Genuine handlettering can be appetizing, indeed. In the course of my career, I've created many logos and descriptive words for food packaging and wine labels. Most recently, a second online bakery is now sporting my lettering which will draw attention to the delicious, hand-crafted products:


Above is the finished primary logo under which various bakery items are sold. Specializing in made-to-order brownies, biscotti and cookies, Ruth's Kitchen encompasses Ruth's Brownie Kitchen as seen below on the sticker to the right. Beautiful pink boxes have been custom printed with a brown band, below on the left. All baked items are shipped the day they are baked, in the boxes shown. Customers dictate what day their brownies or cookies are baked and shipped. Such a hands-on operation certainly needed a hand-created logo.









For those interested in what the process of selecting the style of lettering for this identity entailed, here are eight other versions of the word "Ruth's" as I rendered it when working up rough composites. I also created a series of dingbats, borders and motifs. The wheat shaft was suggested by the owner, who served as the art director of this project.

Ruths1  Ruths2  Ruths3



Ruths4 Ruths5 Ruths7




Ruths8 Ruths9Highly recommended: the extra fudgy style brownies with chocolate chunks. I ordered them and served them for dessert at a dinner party. So rich, half of one was enough for each guest. The perfect brownie, perfectly presented in pink.