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January 2010

Garden Resident #3: The Purple Hellebore

January invites Seattle area gardeners to take a hiatus from tending their plots. Sodden stocks lie on the ground along with moldy leaves that fell in autumn. It rains a lot, or it's awfully gray. Given the dreary palette, I observe from my studio window and keep my eye on the birds' coming and going.  Every year, I forget to anticipate the hellebores that send up their vigorous buds in this non-gardening month! Today, in search of something to draw and feature for a post, I considered a clump of lime green lichen. Then, I remembered the purple hellebore in the deep shade of the cedar fence. Sure enough, its buds are emerging from the decay of last year's foliage. As the day's light waned, I did a quick sketch with a pointed pen and India ink. Inside, I added watercolor. Here they are. Click here to learn more about the genus helleborus