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Opera Names as Calligraphy Exemplar

The Pen Unleashed: Romping Letterforms

I think this is true: many calligraphers are drawn to the craft because they love structure, detail, and disciplined letterforms. But given a sudden lapse in conformity, calligraphers can cut loose from all this and let the pen do the walking. Such a lapse happened to me recently, resulting in the composition below.  The words are quoted from Minnie Aumonier, the pen used was a Speedball C-2, with the color added digitally after the unretouched calligraphy was scanned into PhotoShop:
BlogWhentheWorld copy


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Molly Hashimoto

Hi Jocelyn,
How nicely the letterform works with the stylized plant forms! I also really admire your new cards--the graduation and sympathy cards are extremely elegant. I can tell you've been having lots of fun these past couple of days!

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