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What role can a calligrapher's work play in modern packaging design if lettering is not required? Calligraphic line used as ornament has elegant, illustrative character. For this packaging design project done for Seattle Chocolates Truffles, I was asked to provide an overall pattern of calligraphic swirls that would be printed on the bag and also on the box. Here you can see the artwork before it was applied in the printing process, and the final package. The result is a timeless design that has kept this product a bestseller. To view this product on the Seattle Chocolates website, click here.

Please visit the gallery of additional Seattle Chocolates packaging images in the column to the left of this post.


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Jocelyn Curry

Thanks so much, Marilyn, for selecting the "Tapestry" box as a gift for Ben's hosts. When I first submitted the artwork for the box, the lead art director thought it was way too wild, and nearly rejected it. But, "wild sells" evidently, because that was several years ago!


Jocelyn, I bought the red/black/gold box of Seattle Chocolates to send with Ben to NYC as a "thank-you" gift for friends who were putting him up. The gift was made all the more special when Ben could say he knew who had designed the box!


Linda Warlyn

Jocelyn, I am THRILLED to see that you have a blog now! I so look forward to almost daily doses of your exquisite artwork, lettering, and writing. The invitations for your son's wedding are simply stunning and are a perfect first impression of what will be a glorious day for all...including those feathered friends! It's hard to improve on fine chocolate, but your packaging design adds only elegance to the gourmet treats inside. xox

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